A LISP-like language for encumbering and releasing funds with smart-contract capabilities. Documentation is very new and some components are still rapidly changing, but this is a consolidated place to learn about Chialisp and clvm.

Introductory material

Coloured coins

The first Chialisp smart transaction that we integrated into chia-blockchain were Coloured Coins. We will be integrating additional smart transactions and wallets into chia-blockchain in most releases.

Video overviews of Coloured Coins:

Developer documentation

  1. CLVM Basics
  2. Coins, Spends and Wallets
  3. Deeper into CLVM
  4. The Compiler and Other Useful Information
  5. Glossary of Chialisp terms

Reference Wallets and Smart Transactions to be integrated

Reference Wallets and Smart Transactions under construction

  • Distributed Identity Wallet - a Recoverable Wallet designed to support DIDs